George-Michael and Maeby

George-Michael, Michael’s innocent, pure intentioned son, and Maeby, the rebellious child of Tobias and Lindsay, harbor a borderline inappropriate relationship throughout the entire series of Arrested Development. These feelings seem unrequited on Maeby’s behalf until long into the show. However, George-Michael, once he finds out, continues to push the fact that the two may not be biologically related. We find out in the last few episodes that Maeby and George-Michael aren’t biologically related because Maeby’s mother, Lindsay was adopted into the family years ago. Throughout the series, George-Michael panics, reacting awkwardly to many situations with the family members, suspicious that they may know about his feelings for Maeby. The attraction on George-Michael’s part begins in the pilot episode:

At the end of the episode, the two do “totally make out,” which leaves George-Michael love struck and wanting more.

The writers do an amazing job of treating a taboo subject with light-heartedness and actually having the viewer invested. The audience roots for George-Michael when it comes to his feelings for his cousin even before knowing that they two aren’t biologically related. While urgency on part of the audience for George-Michael and Maeby to get together wasn’t of the Jim and Pam caliber, they still did a great job crafting the interactions so as to provoke a longing in the viewers. This longing was not left unquenched.

In this clip, George-Michael and Maeby have taken some fake wine from one of Gob’s magic tricks. Being “drunk” leads to their first intimate encounter, something George-Michael has been waiting on for a long time.

While only the first few seconds of this video are relavent, it’s still a funny one. You get t see George-Michael react awkwardly, though this is likely one of the lesser reactions, and if you watch the clip all the way through, you also get a taste of some of those running jokes I’ve been going on about. I could point them out but I think I’ll leave it to the long-term viewers to spot them.


4 responses to “George-Michael and Maeby

  • reeserollin

    I really like your inclusion of actual clips; I hadn’t ever seen the show before and being able to relate your explanation with actual content made it easier for me to understand various scenarios, such as between george michael and maeby, Speaking of michael, I think michael characters really shows his talent and ability here from an early age, considering he was what, 16-17 here? He’s nails all the subtleties.

    Overall I thoroughly enjoyed just the basic clips here, the let’s go out and hit the town together I’ll be your wingman bit in the kitchen was especially funny. I also really like Jason Bateman. And I never knew Jeff Garlin was in the show that makes me even more intrigued.

  • feline zombies

    I agree. Including video clips is a nice touch to helping flesh out these character relationships for us lame viewers who never watched the show. I’ve always been a Michael Cera fan even though he will forever be type casted into the awkward teenager role. I think this particular relationship between George-Michael and Maeby is bound to have tons of awkward yet laughable moments. Like I said in my other comment, I cannot wait to watch all three seasons…once this semester is over, and I have some free time.

  • sarahgutierrez

    Great job at including so many clips throughout each of your posts. They back up your ideas nicely. George and Maeby’s relationship seems very entertaining. I’m looking forward to watching more episodes. Plus, I’m sure her name gets inserted within the dialogue a lot. 🙂

  • Terra Steinke

    George-Michael and Maeby’s relationship was one of my favorite elements of the show. I know a few people who were actually turned off by the series at first because of it. However, I thought it was an interesting twist on the way characters are so often paired up and kept apart throughout most sitcoms. I think the writers handled it really well, keeping it from being too gross that supposed first cousins would want to date without really saying that it’s okay.

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